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Originally Posted by Angus_FX ➡️
So in your ideal world all audio software would/should be PACE protected...? 100% market share.. can't fault you on ambition heh

How would you feel about an open platform for ensuring software integrity? I think it'd be pretty easy for all plug-ins and the popular DAWs going forward -- public/private keys, code signing, certificates, IMSTA as certificate authority etc.
I think that we offer a great solution. 10 years ago people had multiple dongles for each vendor and for each product. Now the iLok provides a unified platform. Doesn't that make sense.

I was simply mentioned that we could create such a validation tool now for all PACE customers. I am not sure if that is enough. It would not be hard for us to create easy to use tools that would do this for other software publisher, even if they don't use our copy protection tools for activation. I would be more than happy to discuss. The real issue is if the users would use this and if we could find some consensus from the vendors and perhaps some certification method that would work. We have all the technology to do this now.