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So who gets the Ilok fee monies, the software manufacturer, and you get your taste for doing the transfer for them? I can't imagine it take all that much time to pull up a persons file on the server, swap info and set it up to zap the Ilok. It does seem that there is a bit of profit being made. Mind you, I am not the kind of guy who buys plugs and sells them left and right. I think I have sold perhaps two pieces of gear that I bought over the years that I did not like. Too noisy, and this is after I modded them to clean them up, so the new owners got a better piece of gear. But, it would seem a smart move to make it easy to swap plugs without feeling taken. To have to pay $25 to get rid of a $35-$50 plug really ups the cost and makes it not worth the trouble. Right up to the point of "I would not get that, it is not worth the money, but if I could get a kracked one, I would check it out". I really think this is where some of the value vs loss of sales comes into play. I do not know where the line gets drawn, and I would bet the industry has spent a fortune on trying to figure it out. For those of us goody two shoes, this kind of stuff makes my blood boil, so I apologise if I seem abrasive. Sorry!