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Originally Posted by chrisso ➡️
In my experience a lot of software plug in producers are very small operations, say 2 to 12 people.
It's a competitive scene and the margins are pretty tight I think.
The government don't give you a grant to work for 6 months developing a new soft EQ, and banks don't throw money at small software companies .........
In my experience, small developers, -All developers - are perfectly aware of the pros and cons of security systems, hard and soft. Just buying the services of Pace or Synchrosoft costs thousands, and the security routines have to be integrated very early in the development. Serial/machineID/Unlock code systems are cheaper, but still cost the developer to buy in, or man-hours to make your own.
Who would want to do this? I'd rather design a new plugin, no?

When you want to grow your company, you need capital, and it's the investors who need to "know their investment is safe", the "return is more secure".
The VC house or bank will insist that security measures are implemented as a condition of that investment. The banks all know about Warez sites now, and this has prompted a move away from serial no. towards dongle-based protection - even though the only currently uncracked system is iLok on MacOsX.

So, the solution here is simple - we need to educate the investors, with the danger of losing any investment as a bad risk...
You first - I'm buying shares in Pace...