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Originally Posted by Rednose ➡️
Speaking of the Steinberg dongle...
The other day my GF moved my computer a smashed my dongle.
It still works, but I'm wondering how I would go about getting a new one?
Should be no problem to get you a replacement. Which region are you in? If you send me a PM I'll get you the contact for the right people to help you out.

Btw, I think it's great to be talking about this directly with everyone on the same forum, so thanks to Jules for the opportunity :-)

A number of people have made some great points in this thread. I wanted to say something about effectiveness iof the copy protection. Both us at Steinberg and the guys at Pace have established usb-based copy protection systems that are, for all intents and purposes, secure. They are no longer emulated or bypassed and as such for pretty much the first time in the history of this industry bring about the situation that only the people who have paid for the softwrae products use them. That's a very important development right there, I think. Of course, as a manufacturer it should mean that more people are buying the product and thereby funding more devleopment because they can't get it any other way. As mentioned on the other thread, though, that's difficult to measure. It's also important for me as a customer because when the copy protection works, other people who have stolen the product cannot use its advantages, and my money as a legitimate customer is not funding the enjoyment/business that they have not paid for. I remember talking to a Cubase customer at a trade show a few years ago when the protection was still not 100% secure, and he was (rightly) very upset at the fact that other people were just downloading software that he had been supporting financially for many years. He wanted a copy protection that works, so that his investment is protected, and we're at a point where we can now offer that. I would agree, though, that we have to do more to offer benefits for customers over and above the copy protection itself, and we're looking at ways to do that.

Angus (Steinberg)