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Originally Posted by colinmiller ➡️
But that protection IS for us end users. I want to know that I will get good support with a company and that they will continue to support the product I bought. Piracy threatens that support. Pirates bring the sales down and threaten to put companies out of business. If that company goes out of business then my product will last only so long. Or it could affect their support. If they aren't making the proper income, then they will have to cut corners and there won't be as good a support. Or updates may take much longer to fix bugs because they can no longer afford the engineers to do the coding.
I haven't said that I'm against copy protection at all. To paraphrase my thought differently, I would say the implementations are often very sloppy when it comes to usability and ergonomics. iLoks especially slow down work flow for people like me using many different programs and plug ins - so it hurts the legitimate customer of legal software. The only goal seems to be to make it hard for those stealing software.
What I demand from companies protecting their interest is to make it easy, fast and painless for their customers to deal with additional stuff that takes resources, time and money from them. The problems and drawbacks of copy protection is forced upon the legitimate customers. Blackmailing the honest customers doesn't help here a bit.