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Originally Posted by nkf ➡️
This example is a sophisticated twist. The software copy protection is not a protection for the user being robbed but for other people not loosing money. It would be more like you have to unlock your house for the safety of your neighborhood.
I have nothing against copy protection but the truth is, staying in the picture of the locks, the more you buy the more locks you get that take work and life time away.
The more I bought e.g. iLok protected software (I own 7 iLoks) the more time it takes to start software to load a plug in and so on. This all adds up the more I buy my legal software. Because I bought a lot of software I have now reached the point where I hesitate to buy new stuff because of the time all this management and time cost me. It's therefore not a financial reason to hesitate but an ergonomic one.
But that protection IS for us end users. I want to know that I will get good support with a company and that they will continue to support the product I bought. Piracy threatens that support. Pirates bring the sales down and threaten to put companies out of business. If that company goes out of business then my product will last only so long. Or it could affect their support. If they aren't making the proper income, then they will have to cut corners and there won't be as good a support. Or updates may take much longer to fix bugs because they can no longer afford the engineers to do the coding.