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installs, upgrades, & more fees?

installs, upgrades, & more fees?

dose limiting install, upgrades that lead to more upgrades which lead to yet more upgrades, and fees to use the software here then in the next room or down the hall, create an avenue for the so called cracked versions to become so prevalent?

personally i hate thief, a thief of any kind is still a thief, stealing is stealing, period, software hardware doesn't matter to me.
as i have often stated do not stand at the creek edge with your foot in the water ankle deep, then tell me your not in the water.

i have abandon software in the past do to the feeling of being imprisoned or held hostage to a degree, by owning or use such software. anyway not to punish the legitimate users that pay.

if i by something i want to own it, rather it is the actual item or its use, i do not want to be limited, or crippled?

has most around here know i am not a big software guy: (`

i remember getting some software from one of my favorite dealers a few years back, i was told i had to go on line to register and get things up and running, problem was, i had no internet connection and did not want one one ( boy has that changed heh ), i remember feeling like i was being forced to jump through hoops to use something i bought and felt i owned.