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Right the renting thing did happen, but that's not what I mean.

I mean that for each minute an app or plugin is running it charges like a hundredth of a cent (or something small that adds up).

If I don't use it, it doesn't charge me. You only get charged for what you use. Maybe some little dongle thing keeps track of the useage, and it has to be paid monthly or so in order to keep going.

My point is that I think if people had the choice to pay something reasonable based on how much they use it, they would pay. For the guy who only edits two photo's a year, buying Photoshop is outrageously expensive. Give him the possibility to do that for 50 cents and pirating it just doesn't make sense. If you think of how many hours a year Photoshop is open and running, adobe wouldn't need to charge much per minute to match or exceed their current revenue.