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Originally Posted by IMSTA ➡️
You can educate these people till the cows come home, but you'll never see a cent -- or you can sue them for selling stolen music, software and movies.
You know at one time the people who campaigned to end Slavery in the Americas were thought of as idealistic dreamers. People said that Slavery was an economic necessity and that paying everyone to work would destroy economies. They also cited the historical fact that Slavery was with us since before Jesus time. They argued that setting out on a mission to abolish Slavery was akin to going against human nature and doomed to miserable failure.

We reversed thousands of years of human behavior didn't we? You really don't think that we can reverse 10 years of human behavior? Do you really think that our fellow humans can't get to the point where you and I are at? I buy all my software and I believe I am not morally superior to anyone. I believe that other people could do the same if they really think about it. So we educate and we wage our war against ignorance. Join us and we will get there a bit quicker.