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It's a wonderful theory.

Unfortunately, it doesn't work. But you don't need me to tell you that...

IMSTA does not attempt to eliminate software piracy. We are working to reduce it. There are three categories of software users. Those who:
  • Always buy
  • Sometimes buy
  • Never buy
Our audience is the second group. Our goal is to change the behavior of the people who buy software, but sneak a few cracks here and there. We need this group to buy all their software as they are serious about their music and their craft.

The third group will never buy. If you start enforcing the issue, they will just adapt and find ways not to get caught. This group will never become paying customers and software companies need not worry about them because they do not represent lost sales.

The second group does represent lost sales for the companies and that is why we focus on changing behavior amongst this group.

We thank all the users who belong to group one and encourage them to keep on buying the software they use.