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Originally Posted by UnderTow ➡️
Anyway, the accountant still has no way of knowing that a person doesn't have more software installed than what they paid for. (And I am not talking about freeware). I see no cheap (read cost effective) way of checking whether someone is or isn't using illegal copies of software....

How about this? heh

Spider Robot by Stephen Spielberg from Minority Report (Movie)

Science fiction can often become science fact.

IMHO, it comes down to the old civil liberties issue augments -

What have you got to hide? VS Right to privacy.

Does a right to privacy = a right to break the law?

But you could chase your own tail on that forever..

The 'nothing to hide' DAW could maintain frequent connection to software companies via the net to recieve fee updates and bonus software as long as the companies can 'spider' the computer and ascertain that no pirated software exists on it.

Who here would go for that? What would have to be on offer to persuade you to sign up for something like that?