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All due respect and all but I have long since held that copy-protection is both invasive, insulting and costly both financially and temporally for end-users.

Let me say right off the bat that there is no illegal software, music or video content on my computer any more than there is illegal hardware in my rack or microphones in my locker, and there never will be. I am a professional end-user - I have no interest in compromising my business by operating illegally, another reason why I am quite happy to use my real name on Forums such as this.

But enough is enough.

Originally Posted by IMSTA ➡️
The truth is that software protection is both necessary and annoying.
Annoying yes - necessary no.

I pay my money
I buy an Install Disc and a serial number
I am free to install my software on my computer(s) how when where I wish

End of story - or so it should be, and indeed is in the case of the following software:

Apple iLife
Apple iWork
Apple Logic Studio

As far as I'm aware I do not require either a dongle or a strictly limited number of installs on any of the above software. I have paid for it and now I own it. Of course I understand there are various rules governing resale to or profiting from other users etc, but the presumption in the terms of sale and usage of the above is that I am innocent until proven guilty. I am not being made to jump through hoops in order to use the software I have just purchased.

Originally Posted by IMSTA ➡️
copy protection is needed in order to protect someone’s property
Can you explain how this applies to a book? I can theoretically photocopy a book as many times as I want and yet it doesn't suddenly refuse to open after I've read it 4 times.

Originally Posted by IMSTA ➡️
It is unfortunate that legitimate users like you and I are inconvenienced by such protection.
We are. Or rather we have been.

I have got burned one too many times over the years (and that's around 20 in the music biz) from failed installs, damaged dongles, unobtainable 'help' desks and broken registration procedures.

Nowadays there's a choice and I have vowed not to add a single cent to the $$$ I have thrown away over the years by buying copy-protected software that has 'inconvenienced' me far beyond what any honest user should have to tolerate. If that means I don't have the latest and greatest gizmo EQ plug-in - so be it. I'll vote with my wallet and make do with whatever I can purchase honestly in a trade that won't come back to bite me a year or two later.

I am of course a very small fish in an infinitely vast pond. I daresay my opinions and actions will be of little interest and have no effect any anyone at all. I post them here merely in the interests of registering opinion from a wide range of perfectly honest end-users, some of whom are fed up with being tarnished with the brush of criminality and being presumed guilty until shown to be innocent.