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First, my apologies for not citing Silver Sonya's quote.

Yeah, stuff costs money to make. If PACE were making that much from the publishers or more % of your software cost, then perhaps we could give it all away for free. However, building this wasn't free for us and was really based on customers asking for it as a centralized feature of Many users also move licenses from iLok to iLok in their account.

Most Software End User License agreements don't allow for transfer of ownership because there is no system to enforce. Of course any given software publisher has the ability (and your money) so they can choose to allow a transfer. I am just not aware of a secure way to do so.

Lastly, just a general comment. PACE doesn't mandate the rule that each software publisher chooses any specific set of activation rules. Some vendors give out a second "back up auth" for free. Some have automated temporary emergency licenses. Our ZDT is just a centralized method and a choice for users who want it.