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Originally Posted by PACE Andrew Kirk ➡️
JustinAiken. Good question.

To my knowledge, is the only place where you can resell a software activation license legally. We had to create a system that audits the rules of each publisher and product, inform the software publisher, allow them to approve/deny the transfer and complete the tracking of the transfer.

This was non trivial web application development. The fee was determined after interviewing studios and users of the iLok. If the volume was much higher then we could consider lowering such fees.

In addition to our processing fee, some vendors require approval and separate fees in order to approve.

Ultimately, our goal is to allow the publishers to stay in touch with the user of the software so that updates can be provided. We aim to keep fees reasonable.
None of our fees are arbitrarily set. We talk to users and try to find a balance.
Spoken like a true politician...
However, since this is an audio site, at least speaking from both sides does give us a stereo sound field
If I hear you correctly, you imply that the fees are so high because the recording studios you spoke to told you it should be?
If that is the case, I don't believe that for a second!tutt