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Why doesn't Apple just drop the price of the iPod to $1.00 and sell the music for $10.00? I mean you are making an asumption that there is more value in the iPod that the music. How much did it cost to manufacture the iPod? How much did it cost to manufacture the music? Does the fact that one is in digital form and the other is tangible make a difference to their intrinsic value? Porche can sell a lot more cars if they priced them under $100.00.

The point is that the price is not set by the consumer. If you think a plug-in is too expensive, then you do what you do when you think a car or a house or a chocolate bar is too expensive, you don't buy it. You can't walk into a store and begin to price the merchandise. If a software company says Plug-In A is worth $250 then you as the consumer can simply say "OK or "that's too expensive." However, if you trying to justify stealing the software because of the 'high' prices, then I can't agree. If they price is too high just don't buy it.

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