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Can i just say anyone who doesnt put their DAWonline out of some false fear of infection is totaly nuts. i've had all mine online for the last 10 years with never a problem. all the connection does is update the AV and any OS updates, you dont have to ever run a browser or email program or anything, just connect, update, and thats that, and it's 100% safe.

i just think any key/dongle style protection is crackable and the only way to combat the issue is live updates direct from host company server, like apple updates work y'know?

i'd much prefer that to faffing around with crappy longwinded authorisation sketches such as with NI.

and lets face it, the majority of people ARE connected, and it's the majority we need to bring onboard as PAYING clients, not a handful of pro studios with isolated machines which never connect.

interestingly Ohmforce today sent a newsletter announcing they are doing 3 staged payments for their s/w

mebbe the music s/w association or whatever they are called can start a shared system where users register, agree to a monthly payment plan as a 'member' and this is debited monthly same as for your car roadside assistance or whatever

then you can use the 'credits' to 'buy' s/w from any vendor who has joined the scheme

your totals are added to your account and your payments just continue, funding the s/w companies monthly via a central 'membership-fees' distribution system

members can pick up s/w anytime they need it without worrying about having the full price there and then

i base this on the old british working-class survival system of buying from the catalog on montly payments

it works thats for sure. and the best thing about catalog clubs is, when the economy is depressed your business goes UP!