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Anti-Piracy tools impact on legit users

I'm very anti-piracy, but I get very frustrated with some of the anti-piracy protections that have negative impacts on legit users, but they don't circumvent piracy. Can I get some opinions from the anti-piracy folks on this?


Steinberg Dongle Key - I paid for the software and have to worry about loss or damage to the dongle which will shut down my business if that happens.

Internet authorizations (IK Multimedia, Toontrack, etc) - I own EZDrummer and there are four authorizations available. When I bought it I owned an iMac G5, and a Powerbook G4. I then sold those systems (wiped the drives first), and bought an iMac Intel, and Macbook Pro. That brings me to my four authorization limit. I'd like to dual boot XP and have another instance of EZDrummer, but I can't.

These are just two examples