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what about make programmes dependant on downloading components (this only goes for actual daw programmes not plugins i concede)

the core programme is crackable (as it always is lets face it), so crack users either blunder on with most of the cool features missing or pony-up and get download updates to complete the programme features.
This might be an interesting marketing scheme but I don't see how this is a solution to warez and/or piracy: Either the company has access to uncrackable software protection in which case they can use that for the core programme or they don't which means they can't protect the downloadable content any more than they can the core programme.

i also think companies should look at monthly 'payment clubs'

every other retailer of goods from kitchens to sofas to tv's etc employ such payment/club methods (or zero % finance) or stores employ store credit cards etc, so why not s/w makers?
Manufacturers don't offer credit. Shops do. Just as in other industries, financing is available for audio equipment/software.

Physical shops often offer credit and so do some online shops. Sweetwater for instance accepts many payment methods including some that are financed. (Financing Options |

In Europe things are more complicated. For instance a shop like Music Store Koln offers financing (Finanzierung) but only to German customers. (Just change the country setting and you lose the financing option). So it is back to your local store if there are no "audio supermarkets" in the country you live in.

I don't think it is either practical or advisable for software developers to start offering credit (neither individually nor as a group).