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Just a side note about point 2): Copy protection using USB keys can - and does - work as a technology. The current eLicenser generation has remained (knock on wood) uncracked since around the time Cubase 4 was introduced in 2006. In the history of our company, at least, that release was the first one that went through an entire product cycle without any functioning pirated copies released. That's a considerable technological achievement. And Cubase 5 and the other products using the eLicenser (ex-Syncrosoft) like Arturia, VSL etc are also only available to paying customers. I agree that back in the day when the pirated versions were released a few weeks (or sometimes days) after products came on the market, there was little or no practical value in having it. But I do think that that's changing as the protection technologies themselves become better.

Angus Baigent