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rhythmtech -

You asked about an "industry standard".

The iLok is currently used by 85+ vendors (1500+ products) in this market alone. The original goal of the iLok was to have one dongle that could be used to hold over 100 licenses from many different vendors. The iLok can accept the remote delivery of licenses for trial, perpetual licenses, NFRs, Rentals and subscriptions.

After a few years of shipping iLoks (pre-programmed and license cards) we talked to many users of the iLoks about things they wanted to see. This is how was designed. Based on direct feedback of customers.

Some vendors still want to build their own Challenge/Response system (mostly all cracked). The iLok has never itself been cracked or emulated. Yes (before you jump in) some software has been cracked, but not all of it and updates come with new levels of protection. We have an array of tools and those can be used in varying degrees.
The iLok license is the proof of purchase. It empowers the user and frees the software publisher to focus on better products and, hopefully, better pricing for paying customers.

We cannot force any publisher to use iLok. In many cases, end users have urged vendors to support iLok. We have seen many vendors who were considering leaving the industry completely, only to leverage iLok and release 20 new products since then. I think in such a case, users have benefited greatly by those new and exciting products.

I agree that we need to have a better solution for issues with Lost and Stolen iLoks. Today this is out of our hands as cannot just give away full licenses based on a customer's word. This is is unfortunately a legal matter for the software publisher. I do know that they try to be fair. However, for every honest user, there are many people trying to game the system.

Just as we added features with over the years - we will improve our offering in this area. There are both technical and business issues to overcome. Although I will note that it is possible to use our technology now to offer subscriptions (this was also posted by 7161 on another thread).

We do not want the iLok to be a trap for any user - not in perception or in reality. Thanks again for your comments.