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Hi 7161 -

Some great ideas. All of this is actually quite possible. It could be done with software or dongle based solutions. In fact, one of our customers outside of this industry has done something similar with an online store. Rental, subscription and referrals are all things that can be achieved by building a solid license management platform. We support that now. With or without the dongle.

The online component is a great idea and some vendors are offering content (samples and instruments) in similar methods. Try before you buy. There is nothing from stopping them from taking this to the next level and adding the loyalty rewards and other benefits for long term paying customers. The issues arise when vendors have to support non-paying customers.

Our goal at PACE is to provide the tools that allow software publishers to easily create a system for license management that their customers (you) can leverage. We want to add more benefits for end users and give publishers visibility into how their products are being used.