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Originally Posted by spaceman ➡️
My question might be off-topic, but here we go :

The musicians (and the whole music industry) using your tools are right now subject to devastating piracy. Can your own experience as software developers facing the problem of piracy help the music industry in any way ? And vice-versa, did you learn anything on your own market problems by observing the problems of the music industry dealing with piracy ? Is there anything to be leaned that can benefit both ?

Thank you.
This is a huge question, but for us the Education project is very worthwhile. Rather than use police action we have chosen to challenge people on a moral level - dude what you are doing is wrong. You are eating your young. Keep the software industry going so you will have software tomorrow.

We have learned from other campaigns like Drunk Driving, ReCycling, Condom use etc. You can't be in every car to stop every drunk, but you can make people think about the potential damage a drunk driver can do through continuous education. The education itself will make many of them stop. Eventually, you reach a critical mass and peers are carrying your message. I suppose we are working towards a music creation world where people want to do the right thing, just like people today don't want to drive drunk. We may not get 100% but as long as more and more people are becoming aware that is progress. The key is not to fall into the trap of this being a quick fix - we are talking about years of education.

I don't want to tell the Record industry what to do, but if you are asking my opinion I think they should be running every rock star they can find out there to schools to reinforce piracy education for the next generation. Piracy is learned behaviour - it is not something you are born with - like left-handedness. As with all behaviours it can be modified.

Ray Williams
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