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Originally Posted by audiovisceral ➡️
You are no doubt I imagine following the ongoing ACTA negotiations.

Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Any thoughts on what future effects it may or may not have on piracy in general?

Any guesses or hopes as to when they might actually get it done?

I would say that an agreement like this means nothing without China.....

My underlying sense is that we have yet to come to terms with what a "digital economy" actually means in regards to old school laws and approaches to IP....We are really just a few generations into a new world...where things can actually be downloaded...and, in my opinion, we have an installed user base that for the most part have been raised with the belief that " if you can download it, it must be free'....

The business model has to evolve..otherwise we juts keep trying to push the river..What it evolves into, or how...good question