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Dongles, product activation, encryption, education and registration keys have this in common:

1) It annoys your customers (especially dongles).

2) It doesn't work -- anyone can get anything for free.

The only solution is to stop those who benefit from theft = ISP's.

To stop them, you have to put pressure on local governments. But that is impossible for one sector alone.

So how much do you cooperate with other industries?

My guess would be: Not enough!

I could be wrong...
We have looked at other approaches, like using the BSA, a large well armed business software advocacy group that invades a city with radio campaigns scaring people into compliance........and most often it is a disgruntled ex-employee that turns in their former employer for having illegal copies of MS Office...To participate was a HUGE amount of money and in my opinion, that is not the right approach. Nor is the way the RIAA sues your grandmother because you used her computer to download some music......

One approach is the use of hardware as a means to protect software IP...Like the UAD 1 & 2.....hardware acceleration is not as needed as it might have once been, but it is still the best way to be in the software business...if being paid for every single copie in use is the goal.

The world is in transition..the distinction between software and hardware is going to become even more fuzzy

The Music Industry is very small potatoes when it comes to companies benefit from having more software available.

At one time there was a conversation going around about building a " Web of Trust" where a host program would not run a "kracked" version of a plug-in. Wheter technically possible or not, or even legal, was never settled. What was clear though, that even within our own industry, we had a hard time getting the cooperation needed.