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Re: Budgets... $3K vs. $30K vs. $300K

Originally posted by Jay Kahrs
But, will spending $300K it make the overall album 10 times better then a $30K record?
No. GENERALLY speculating, I think it becomes exponentially harder to make a album sound twice as good. It would probably be closer to a $30k album sounds twice as good as a $3k and a $300k sounds twice as good as a $30k. And I'm speaking more towards bands, that can play the parts themselves, rather than having to hire players, pay cartage, and a lot of rentals.
It really is amazing what someone can do nowdays with a few k's, but honestly, there is a compromise.
People usually don't have to explain things or make as many excuses on bigger budget albums as to why something sounds the way it does.

For a major label solo artist project, $300k can go quick even while being careful with rentals, catering, and travel.
-mix = $50-60k
-studio/engineer = $40k month
-players = $30k
-strings and contractor? = $50k
-master = $3-5k
-production coordinator = $4k
-programmer = $20- $40k
-producer advance = $40-$100k
-catering $2-3k
-cartage $2-3k

The main projects I've been around are mostly $120-$175k budgets and that really does go quick. I think this is the minimum range for a world class solo artist album without having to be terribly creative with expenses. There are always exceptions of course. The better players and mixers are more of a guarantee that you'll get a usable product and the better players will bring more feeling and better parts to the table. But it doesn't mean that you won't strike magic using less experienced producers, mixers, and players...