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A lot of it has to do with how that $300k number is allocated. We happen to live in a complex that is basically corporate housing for the entertainment industry; in addition to all the film and TV related residents, major labels stick their out-of-town bands here while they are recording in LA.

A close friend from back east was put up here with his band when the labels chosen producer decided it was cheaper to bring the band to LA for 2 months than for him to fly back east. A five piece band and their manager each had their own "studio suite" for 2 months; that's 12 room-months @ $2400per. That's a fast $30k just to house the band during the recording. I don't know what per diems are running for label acts these days, but when you add that on to the housing bill, I bet you can quickly get up over $50k just to feed and house the band for the duration of the project (if it completes on time!).

Having maid service and a concierge can be loads of fun for a young band, until someone figures out that they are paying for it themselves.

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