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Originally Posted by MichaelPatrick ➡️
If I were doing the test and had time to spare, I'd probably swap the mics around and provide 4 clips.
This would be great! I had intended to switch the cables for a take with the mics swapped, but as usual, there were bigger issues to take care of that day and I didn't have the opportunity to do it. Perhaps I'll record a few clips again sometime.

Originally Posted by ISedlacek ➡️
I frequently use R84s as mono spots in a multi-microphone setup, so that's why I was doing these comparisons in mono.

Originally Posted by Fran Guidry ➡️
I guess when I feel like torturing myself again I should adjust the gains to give the TRP a slight advantage and see if the tables turn. Listening with real care turns out to be a lot more work than I expected.
Fran, thanks for the info, I hope you've enjoyed listening! This is definitely an interesting ear training exercise. I noticed the inverse relationship between the peak level and RMS level of the two files while preparing them for listening, and I tried to split the difference while adjusting the overall levels.

Originally Posted by MichaelPatrick ➡️
The important reflections, as I see it, would come from behind the trumpet player, blocked by his body. That factor could, I think, make a difference just as you say - especially if the room is small and the wall is reflective.
The wall behind the trumpet player was about 8 feet away, is partially covered in decorative fabric, and is not very reflective.