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Here's the official message about the discontinuation:

* * *

There have been a lot of inquiries and dialog regarding the status of the OASYS, and we would like to explain the OASYS current status and future. It is true that OASYS production has now finished. A number of distributors still have stock and so sales continue, but you will see this situation change across different markets as time goes by.

We always knew we were creating a more limited-market product for a smaller group of discerning musicians (you!) and we are pleased to have been able to deliver you this elite music-making tool. You have a wonderful musical instrument with which to realize your personal expression, the finest we have ever developed.

We have recently released some system tweaks/bug fixes and have plans for some more ongoing sound support, like the new sounds we just released.

We constantly get ideas/suggestions/requests for more features for the OASYS, but we cannot promise that any of these can be delivered. The current world economic situation affects us all, and we have to adapt our plans and channel our resources to best navigate these uncertain waters. We are proud of the OASYS and all that we have achieved with it, and thank all of the users and owners who shared in our vision of this superlative keyboard.

As always, we will announce further support only when it becomes available.

* * *