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Originally Posted by Lagerfeldt ➡️
This questions is about the order of mixing and prioritizing in the mix.

Do you work exclusively on the vocal in the beginning and then start adding other instruments around the vocal?

If you work on drums or other instruments first, at what point do you introduce the vocals?

Dear Lager,
Humm... I start by listening to the song and coming up with a direction in my head. I also try to do some balances while listening to everything and without doin any eq'ing or effects at all.

When I've got some rough balances and the plan worked out in my head, I'll start with drums (usually) and work down from there; always going back to listen with everything in periodically to make sure i'm not creating any adverse issues.

I'll also change directions in different sections of the song and that may lead me to change a previous idea as well. I try to keep the song building, and find myself cutting instruments if I feel they're giving too much away too fast.