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See if you can top this one.
A hip hop "clan" is working on a number of projects simultaniously.
with "Mr. Bigs" (the only guy with a briefcase) footing the bill. various "producers" and rappers are coming in, adding and subtracting parts to their hearts desire, UNTIL......... Rapper X discovers rapper Y erased his "flow" and replaced it. Mr. Biggs is contacted and asked to provide some work rules. He suggests a "meeting" for all involved. After a two hour screaming match, with myself as moderator, numerous guns appear. My business partner, who normally has a good sense of humor about such things, grabs the 2 foot high stack of 2" reels and moves the party outside............
He then opens all the boxes and begins rolling 2" reels down the buzy street like bowling balls. Track sheets are blowing like fallen leaves in September. All of the participants chased a reel or two down and made off with the magnetic loot. The capper is,
almost everybody has come back and finished a song or two with smiles on their faces as we reminice!!