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Originally Posted by BenJah
I am currently using a tlm 103 as my main vocal mic through a buzz audio mic pre. I am looking at selling the neumann for something a little better. I am currently looking at the geffel m 930, the aea r84 and the soundeluxe u195. The ribbon mic seems the most interesting at the moment. Am interested in opinions on these mics as the main vocal mic of a project studio. I record mainly jazz,folk and some rock.
Well - what is your budget?

I have a Gefell M930 and I'm very happy with it for the money (€600). In fact I wrote quite a detailed User review of it here a couple of years back which might make interesting reading for you.

Unfortunately I've not had the chance to A/B with a TLM103 but I soon will as my mate has one at his studio and I shall be doing this soon and posting some results for people to draw their own conclusions from. What I have read so far would seem to indicate that despite their similar response curves the top end on the Gefell is smoother than the Neumann and the bass is a bit fuller - but I really want to hear this for myself before making a judgement.

For my voice, and I stress that I do mainly spoken word stuff, the next step up from the M930 is the Brauner Phantom C (€1200) which is an absolutely awesome mic for vocals, albeit perhaps just too neutral for the tastes of some. But it's the first mic I tried that was a real improvement on the M930, although of course I'd hang on to the latter as it's a great mic and has many uses.

My friend bought a Blue Kiwi (€2000) as his main studio vocal mic and this is also a superb choice for this application although it wouldn't do for me as it has too much of 'a sound' and is far from neutral (like all Blue mics).

The Brauner Valvet (€2000) is a lovely mic too but again a bit too coloured for my tastes (would suit a Jazz singer perfectly).