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Originally Posted by jpupo74
Hi Mike,

You´ve been using great mics for guits. Have you ever think that´s maybe your guit? Maybe you can buy a new guit for less money than a mic and you´ll get great results. You can also add LOT´S of color with compression and take your track to another level. Someone mentioned here millimeters, that´s so true, you can easily change a huge amount of sound just buy moving the instrument or the mic a couple of mm´s.

Have anyone used the new version of the 84´s, that´ll be Neumann KM-184? I´ve used them with great results.

Good luck,


I guess I should clarify that I'm already getting better sounds (in less time also) than I've ever gotten before using the mics I mentioned. I've got great guitars...I made sure that was the first issue taken care of.

As I'm pretty picky about my acoustic guitar sounds, I've been on a hunt for a while to try as many mics as I can and weed out the possibilities I don't care for. I actually was using the KM184's for a while, but got sick of them...that's kinda what started the whole search. Once I got my hands on the Josephson C42, Avenson mics, and the THE KP-6M, I was so excited that I was finally starting to find mics that seemed to give me a lot more of what I wanted to hear than the 184s did. I guess seeing how I really enjoy those mics, I'm just trying to complete the search and see how much better it gets according to my tastes.