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Originally Posted by MichaelT
I've recently been shooting out a bunch of mics for acoustic guitar, to see what my tastes are. I do a lot of strumming with fingerpicking only once in a while. So far I'm digging the T.H.E. KP-6M, Stapes Omnis, and the Josephson C42. Believe it or not, mics I've tried and don't like as much (to my tastes and for my particular guitars) include the Microtech Gefell M295 and M300. They were great mics, but I ended up sending them back just cause they didn't quite capture what I was going for, even after spending a lot of time with different placements and preamps...while the 3 mics I mentioned above made me smile a lot more.

Now, my question is NOT what mics would compliment (sound the opposite of) the KP-6M, Stapes, and C42, but what mics would be in the same vein? I usually single mic acoustic, and my budget is around $1300 tops. Feel free to give me options above that price though, as I may have a little lee-way. I hope I'm communicating this clearly. Basically, if I like those mics, I might also want to check out...??? Earthworks? Shure? I think you get the point. Thanks!

Hi Mike,

You´ve been using great mics for guits. Have you ever think that´s maybe your guit? Maybe you can buy a new guit for less money than a mic and you´ll get great results. You can also add LOT´S of color with compression and take your track to another level. Someone mentioned here millimeters, that´s so true, you can easily change a huge amount of sound just buy moving the instrument or the mic a couple of mm´s.

Have anyone used the new version of the 84´s, that´ll be Neumann KM-184? I´ve used them with great results.

Good luck,