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Originally Posted by TheNoize ➡️
Ahh yes, the master speaks. Criticizing other people's attitudes and mixes. Someone should have already told you I don't put up with shitheads like you. Grow the f*ck up, oompa loompa. Maybe then you can have a mix that is half the quality of mine, and maybe get heard by someone. Until then, you're just a little brat.
You have a funny ego

But your mixes sound good, with a mainstream commercial polish to them that isn't easy to achieve. I don't like your preferred monitors much at all, but you put together a good finished product using them. That's what matters. And as you know it's a matter of learning the nuances of your speakers. After a certain price point, speakers stop having huge deficiencies and it's just a matter of understanding what they do and don't give you, how much, and how to use that information. Remarkable is the fact that the HS80M push that price point down even further than it used to be. That's the one reason I might recommend them to others. Although I agree with others that the HS50M are flatter, if you've got bass reinforcement to work with anyway.