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Console Problems . . .

hello everyone . . . my TAC Scorpion ii has an issue with the main monitor volume knob on the s4001 master module . . . I don't know if it's a bad pot, a blown capacitor or what . . . but when I try and turn the monitor knob up or down . . . I get a lot of noise and intermittent signal over the left and right channels. I have to work the knob back and forth and tap it etc. just to get the signal in non distorted stereo. This happens every time I touch it. Not only that . . . but when I'm wrenching back and forth on the monitor knob . . . I can see minute fluctuatiuons in the stereo mix VU meter. I tried replacing the opamp (tlo72) with an LT1358 . . . but that didn't fix it. What do you guys think?