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I have M/S in the Weiss EQ-1 Mk2 & the DS-1 Mk3 & it's very transparent particularly in the EQ side. I also have the Dangerous Master which has an analog M/S insert point which the Sontec is currently patched into. I mostly use the Weiss for M/S when I need to perform sonic surgery but sometimes the Sontec is nice to utilize in M/S on some jobs.

What I've noticed with the Dangerous M/S is that it tends to get a bit clearer or perhaps a touch brighter when it's engaged. It also refocuses the center information a bit more as well (any subtle L/R discreps with the Sontec are removed in M/S mode). It's a very subtle effect but can be useful sometimes but if I have a great mix to work with I usually prefer the dimensionality of the Sontec in dual mono L/R mode over M/S.