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I've become geeked up on taking digital photos of my outboard gear settings
I think this is a great idea .... I don't have a digital camera (yet!) but I have taken to snapping regular 35mm of, in particular, the drum set up. I was also thinking I'm gonna start using the "stickies" on my Mac in conjunction with the various documentation aspects of PT to slap a stickie on the screen with any extra details, then take a screen shot and keep that in the session folder.

Thankfully, my current "client" is really good at making his own notes, so together we are getting all the details. But normally, I am on my own so it has to be fast and easy.

Thanks for the NARAS link, I'll check it out.

p.s. just found out one of my songs (my band, my mix) is going to be played on a nationally syndicated radio show .... "hoo hum" I'm sure for most of you, but pretty exciting for this small time hobby mixer!