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Old 21st July 2005
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Originally Posted by Tom Sigmond

I've just bought my first dynamic mic.

I don't do a lot of vocal stuff but when I do, I use a NTK from rode.
Next week I'm gonna record a vocal with a very loud sound like Aretha Franklin so I was told I needed a dynamic mic for that.

Planning to do more vocals in the future I also bought the SE Electronis z3300A (N3300A) to have more mics to choose from.

For the session with the Aretha-voicelike I'd like to try the dynamic mike and the z3300 at the same time. I only have one pre-amp though. (focusrite green 3)

I know the dynamic mike doesn't need phantompower. Is it just enough to route the dynamic mic to one of mine distressors and pump the incoming signal up with the input-knob of the distressor (and after that use the distressors compres functions)? Or does the dynamic mic (a Neuman BCM 705 by the way) needs a pre-amp too?
I also have a Soundcraft Ghost console with phantompower and then the inputgain but I don't thrust that one to get a good vocalsignal.

You're advice wil be very much apreciated.


grtz. Tom
A Dynamic Mics sounds is more dependent on the pre then condensers and dynamics have a much lower output single so a pre amp is imperative for you to get a line level signal