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Hey guys,

I've been lurking the boards for a long time and this is my first post. I've been working a mix now for about 3 months (i'm still learning) and i just can't get it to relate right across the board. I'm not a newbie, i make part of my living engineering, but now is the first time i'm really trying to be competitive with the big boys and i'm running into some brick walls.

The mix im posting is just a foundation of the basic sound, so certain lead guitar levels are soft, and theres no vocal but i just can't seem to get the low end in order and it's throwing everything off. If anyone can give me some advice on the low end, and the high end sheen it would be a huge help. This mix is way to mid heavy but, when i work it to the point where the mids aren't dominating it sounds too scooped and thin, and doesn't relate on many systems. This mix was clipped a little to hard so theres some distortion which i know about, but i'm looking for some advice on the overall sound. Bang is gonna send me his mix when he gets his studio setup in LA but i'm hoping you guys might have some pointers for someone who would love to learn. My sub is just going nuts at the wrong times and no matter what i do i can't tame it. I need new monitors i know that, but i also need some advice to help me understand what the hell is going wrong.