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I guess that it is interesting that the question is asked because the nature of this communication medium is frought with the potential for misinformation. It also contains some very accurate and helpful information.

Really, one has to try to evaluate as objectively as possible each statement from each poster when buying gear to solve a problem or improve a situation. It doesn't really make any difference whether or not the person runs the company or not.

For example, any representative from a manufacturer could log in under a false name and give sales hype about their own product. They can also spew negative comments about competitive products. Another example is idiot advice, of which I tend to give (hehe). I think we have all run across a post where we said to ourselves, "This guy is a buffoon, and his computer should be impounded because of he threatens society with it." Therefore, in my opinion, one has to try to read many posts about gear to get a "good" sample of pre-purchase gear opinion because there is a high variation in good and bad opinion.