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i've tended to appreciate knowing they are here on forums like this. makes me think real ideas from real engineers get to these companies. very very few seem to have crossed the line into sales pitch out of turn. only the bombfactory stuff comes to mind for really bad pr stemming from company interaction on list. shit, i went out and got the uad card right away just so as not to have the bombfactory plug ins. yes, someone invariably seems to be all bothered by a company mentioning their product. since well worded replies exist in this thread already, i'd just say that i like to know the companies are here and i'd like to think companies i want to do business with know how to have manners on list (which usually means knowing when to shut up if using a sig file with the company name in it). i usually don't like the folks who get really worked up over a company being on a list. as much as i dislike pace, i can't believe they drove alan off of the daw mac list. if only for the phrase keep your friends close and your enemies closer, having pace discussions could have been a great thing. they drove him off list by bitching like a bunch of schoolgirls. kind of pissed me off. i'd have wanted that kind of company participation.