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My 2 cents... I think when there is a specific question asked about a specific product... who better than the designer to respond. I know in my 'moderator duties' on PSW, I regularly forward threads to a unit's designer and request that they respond.

Maybe I'm biased becasue we did it jointly... but I thought EveAnna did a splendid job as a 'guest moderator' in December.

Now... while I'm mostly a weasel by trade... I don't come to these forums wearing my weasel hat... I come with my engineer hat... though sometimes I know a little weasel oozes out from time to time... but that's really an inevitability.

Same with manufacturers/designers. Most of the manufacturer/designers that will show up in places like this are from "boutique" firms [and yes... even Manley Labs is a "boutique" manufacturer... one of the larger ones, but "boutique" none the less]. It's not like some butthead from Mackie is spammig the group... it's that someone has a specific question about the inner workings or feature set of a particular piece of kit... and who's more qualified to answer that kind of question than the designer?

In regards to "Littlelabs" stuff... hell, I'm about the biggest evangelist I know when it comes to it... but there are still features and functions in the stuff that I haven't discovered!! Some of your posts have shown me how to use the equipment in a wider variety of applications than I had previously thought possible... if that isn't of benefit, then I don't know what is.