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Originally Posted by dubrichie ➡️
nice n sexy photo there Syra, congrats to you too!

why did you pick the Studer over the Ampex?

i'm still somewhat undecided upon which 2-track to go for. being in Europe, the Studer would make more sense because of availability of the decks themselves, spare parts and experienced techs. yet, for some reason, i am drawn to the Ampex like a child to an ice-cream wagon on a hot summer's day.
Both of these machines are the pinnacle of 1/2" 2 track. Can't go wrong with either choice. As for differences, based on my research the Ampex is more even sounding where as the Studer is more old-school sounding. I think of the Ampex as a more modern tape machine and the Studer as a more vintage one.