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Most forum members can praise or slam equipment without fear of consequence, and readers will attribute a commensurate amount of respect to those opinions. Gear manufacturers are in a little different situation. If they slam a product in competition with their own it looks self-serving, likewise, of course, if they praise their own. So being completely honest can become a PR nightmare, witness Bomb Factory's trail of flame wars, unless of course you believe "there's no such thing as bad advertising."
So most of the manufacturers hold their tongues when it comes to stuff close to their home turf, sometimes to the point of obvious pain. When they give their opinions on other gear though, they carry quite a bit of weight because of the reputation of the person making the statement.
I appreciate the manufacturers who do drop by, because they aren't standing behind PR statements like most modern manufacturers in all other facets of life. Being able to ask a designer questions about his product directly without any kind of sales pressure is a very cool thing. Asking a designer questions about his competitors product can put them in a difficult position though, and of course there are those who just want to give manufacturers grief for their own motives. Thus the need to put on the PR face occasionally, bite your tongue, and let the sig link do the talking. It's tough being the accountable ones...

Oh, and the Redeye ****in' rocks!