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I asked Mike Nehra to find me a good ATR, then he told me that a good ATR104 was in LA but it needed a complete refurbish. He recomended me Charlie/Vertigo, and I trust Mike 100%, so it took like 3 months before they sent me the unit. It doesn't have any of the ATR Upgrades, its an original ATR refurbished to it's original specs.
It's amazing the sound quality of these machines. It doesnt lose anything, but it really gains a nice warm 3d gloss.

I agree with Syra, 15ips sounds more warmer, more analogue, but I prefer 30ips because that way, the audio sounds like the output of my SSL, but better.
BTW congratulations Syra, the Studer is a great machine, TLA has mixed a LOT of great records with a 1/2 inch studer.

Best regards.

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your english is better than that of many native speakers that i know, so please don't apologize for it, you do yourself a disservice.

i hope you don't mind my pestering you for details about this, but i'm planning to buy an ATR-102 next year so your experiences are very relevant to me.

can you tell me, did you arrange the servicing by Charlie Bolois @ Vertigo Audio through VK, or did you buy the deck "as is" and arrange the servicing yourself?

did you have any of the ATR "upgrades" done - the newly-machined elements of ATR's "re-build", or just a regular service, replacing anything that needed to be replaced with standard parts?

to give you some context, i am currently operating a "hybrid" setup; PT HD2 with 24 i/o Lynx Aurora and a small selection of very nice outboard. next year i hope to GO ANALOG by integrating a 16 channel RND 5088, Studer A827 and ATR102.. oh yeah, and some more lovely outboard!

my studio is private-commercial; it's MY studio, not rented out to freelancers, but i do record / mix / master projects for other artists as well as my own musicval endeavours.

PS i would be FASCINATED to hear those Lavry Gold converters in person!