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Originally Posted by delcosmos ➡️
Thanks dubrichie.

I bought it from Vintage King,
Mine was serviced by Charlie Bolois @ Vertigo Audio. Who btw gives service for ATR services in the west coast. His work is fantastic, impecable. My machine works like a new unit.It came very well packed.

Yes, I am mixing Down from my Duality in to my ATR at 30ips, no noise reduction. At the same time I'm running another daw system at 96k with a Lavry Gold AD converter.

For safety, I also dump the atr version in to the DAW, but the idea is to send to Sterling my ATR tapes and a DVD with the lavry files at 96k.

Best regards.


P.S. Please excuse me for my bad English!
your english is better than that of many native speakers that i know, so please don't apologize for it, you do yourself a disservice.

i hope you don't mind my pestering you for details about this, but i'm planning to buy an ATR-102 next year so your experiences are very relevant to me.

can you tell me, did you arrange the servicing by Charlie Bolois @ Vertigo Audio through VK, or did you buy the deck "as is" and arrange the servicing yourself?

did you have any of the ATR "upgrades" done - the newly-machined elements of ATR's "re-build", or just a regular service, replacing anything that needed to be replaced with standard parts?

to give you some context, i am currently operating a "hybrid" setup; PT HD2 with 24 i/o Lynx Aurora and a small selection of very nice outboard. next year i hope to GO ANALOG by integrating a 16 channel RND 5088, Studer A827 and ATR102.. oh yeah, and some more lovely outboard!

my studio is private-commercial; it's MY studio, not rented out to freelancers, but i do record / mix / master projects for other artists as well as my own musicval endeavours.

PS i would be FASCINATED to hear those Lavry Gold converters in person!