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Old 9th February 2003
See, for us recording equipment users, fanatics, pro's and hobbyists alike it's all too easy to criticize recording gear and have that read by many on line, switch off the computer and get on with life....

However for the criticized gear manufacturer, it's unpleasant and many feel they have to 'rectify, justify, or refute any negative comment. foaming at the mouth about it can look very bad.

All that can be done by manufacturers IMHO is to strike a balance, zipping into forums with a jolly comment saying "try my device, you might like it" is totally cool. Epic paragraphs of defensive counter-claim after a bad comment is kinda bad.

What is perhaps coolest is getting into the spirit of a forum and participating on topics not DIRECTLY relating to promotion of product!

Top of the list of unadvisable behavior is to bitch about other manufacturers products in detail.