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Originally Posted by dubrichie ➡️
mucho congratso amigo!

do tell, did you have it serviced by VK or ATR Services?

what speed are you running the 1/2" at? NAB or IEC/CCIR? any noise reduction?

i assume that you're mixing down through the Duality, but are you mixing from 2" or DAW?

Thanks dubrichie.

I bought it from Vintage King,
Mine was serviced by Charlie Bolois @ Vertigo Audio. Who btw gives service for ATR services in the west coast. His work is fantastic, impecable. My machine works like a new unit.It came very well packed.

Yes, I am mixing Down from my Duality in to my ATR at 30ips, no noise reduction. At the same time I'm running another daw system at 96k with a Lavry Gold AD converter.

For safety, I also dump the atr version in to the DAW, but the idea is to send to Sterling my ATR tapes and a DVD with the lavry files at 96k.

Best regards.


P.S. Please excuse me for my bad English!