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Old 26th November 2008
Mixing into an AMPEX ATR with ATR Tape, It's a pleasure!!

Hi guys, I finally got my batch of ATR 1/2 tapes. Yesterday I made some mixes with my refurbished ATR102 and yes, I'm in love.

Oh boy!, that's the way a recording should sound, period.
Everything is pleasing, highs, punchy bass, everything have a nice gloss, really, I'd forgotten how good tape sounded.
I'm mixing some Rock-Pop stuff, tape really loves this kind of music.
I can't believe I was missing this. It's worthed all the wait and shipping issues that involves shipping this beautiful beast to Mexico City!

Thank you Mike Nehra, Charlie Bolois and Jeff Leibovich for your support, you rock guys!

Best regards.


P.S. Mine is actually an ATR104 with a 2 track head stack, I removed the unused VU's heh.