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Been working on and off with a client/friend on "demos" which suddenly became "album" one day in the distant past

For some time, she's been saying, "I want it to be bright, like Norah Jones, like blah blah... looonng list...

Me: "Well, Will has got some nice gear in his studio which can achieve that when you re-track your vox" TLM103>>> Focusrite ISA (blue thingy)>>> HD = bright I think!... "Plus when it comes to mixing, he's got nice Eqs, and the mastering engineer will do the right thing" Blah blah...

So after several months we listen to a soft lush sounding ambient track with mellow vox and lots of reverb, and she says "Thats the sound I want for this track we're doing: Nice and bright!"

Me "But the vocal sounds really smooth mellow and quite dark"

So I'm now thinking we're calling "bright" 2 completely different things:

I suddenly realise stike that she's talking about an emotional feeling, related to pitch or the general vibe!

(Its only taken us 2 years so far)